Refugee Law

Refugee law is an extremely dynamic field of law that is shaped by national, European and international influences. Measured by its importance for legal policy, however, it still leads a shadowy existence in the German research landscape. The Working Group on Refugee Law serves to promote networking and the exchange of ideas among scholars who devote their research to refugee law. In addition, the working group offers a forum for the discussion of current legal policy issues of refugee protection from an academic perspective. In different formats, which can include joint series of contributions, statements and events as well as the presentation and discussion of doctoral projects, the legal discourse is to be strengthened and a contact point for questions and concerns with a legal focus is to be created.

Colloquium on Interdisciplinary Asylum and Migration Law Research

The Colloquium on Interdisciplinary Asylum and Migration Law Research has been held in cooperation with the Migration Law Network since the beginning of 2020. It is aimed at individuals from all disciplines who are pursuing a research project (master’s, doctoral, post-doctoral) on asylum and migration law research. It is irrelevant in which stage the project is.

If you have any questions about the colloquium or the group, please contact the coordinators.


Valentin Feneberg

Johanna Günther