Annette Jünemann (Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg) teaches International Relations, with a particular emphasis on EU foreign affairs. Her regional focus lies on the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and North Africa. It is in these contexts that she works on Flight and Migration. Both the critical analysis of the European Asylum regimes as well as correlations with regional and local dynamics of Flight and Migration are central to her research. In her current project she takes a deeper look into the relationship between civil society actors in support of refugees and the (EU-member-) state. What are the strategies and instruments governments use to control or contain civil society? 


  • Flucht und Migration
  • EuroMediterrane Beziehungen
  • Europäische und deutsche Migrations- und Asylpolitik
  • Restauration und Transformation in der MENA Region
  • Konfliktforschung
  • Gender-Perspektiven