Marie Karner is a doctoral candidate at the lnstitute of Geography at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in Germany. Within her dissertation, she studies different Lebanese diasporic communities and their practices of reproduction and community development within a multi-sited-research design. ln 2017, she received a one-year doctoral fellowship from the Orient-lnstitut Beirut. Since 2018, she contributes to the DFG-Project “”Syrian Communities in Germany”” which is the main research focus of the working group “Migration and Diaspora” by cultural geographers in Mainz. Apart from topics related to migration and diaspora, her research interests include urban geography, tourism geography as well as atmospheres.


  • Syrische Diaspora
  • Libanesische Diaspora
  • Syrien
  • Libanon
  • Diasporische Gemeinschaften
  • Dorfgemeinschaften