Roos, Mechthild, Dr.

Maechthild Roos is a lecturer in Comparative Politics at the University of Augsburg, Germany. In her current research, she studies the political regulation and politicisation of forced migrants’ access to health and healthcare across Europe. Her second main research project sheds light on the early institutional evolution of the European Parliament, especially in the area of European social policy. As part of, and alongside, these two projects, she focuses in her work on the informal dimension of European politics, especially in times of (poly)crisis; on the activism of EU supranational institutions; and on the evolution of a European social dimension with a special focus on particularly vulnerable and ‘othered’ social groups.

Research focus:

  • Political regulation of forced migrants’ access to the welfare state and healthcare system
  • Politicization of forced migrants’ health
  • Asylum and incorporation policy in Germany
  • Asylum and incorporation policy in Sweden
  • EU asylum and migration policy
  • Influence of party affiliation on asylum policy action