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Network members who would like to join an Working Group (WG), please contact the coordinators of the respective WG.

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Working Groups

in the German Network for Forced Migration Studies are associations of members who cooperate on a specific topic of refugee research.

Active Refugee Admission

Resettlement and other forms of active refugee admission are currently high on the national, European and international agenda. However, the motives, forms and effects of

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Africa is the continent with the most refugees and at the same time the one with the least refugee research. While about one-third of all

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The working group’s overall goal is to provide a space for the research debate on European asylum and border control policies within the network, as

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Forced Migration and Gender

Scholars in forced migration studies are dedicated to the analysis of gender-specific experiences of and dangers for refugees from diverse disciplinary perspectives. Following debates in

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Forced Migration and Labor

The aim of the working group is to discuss and reflect on theoretical, methodological, practical and ethical challenges of research in the field of forced migration and labor. Furthermore, the working group aims to further develop German-based research on “labor market integration”…

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Knowledge Transfer

The topic of science transfer is of particular importance in refugee research, as research in the context of refugees did not have a high priority

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Local Refugee Policy

Local authorities in Germany are facing new challenges as a result of the increased frequency of refugee arrivals. The people included under the term “refugees”

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Refugee Law

Refugee law is an extremely dynamic field of law that is shaped by national, European and international influences. Measured by its importance for legal policy,

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Young Refugees

The working group “Young Refugees” serves the networking and exchange of scientists who deal in their research with questions of refugee experiences and coping of

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